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My life


My life

So at this point all we know is Kate Beckinsale ‘won’t appear’ in the upcoming 5th Underworld film. This can’t be happening!

My current state of mind…. 


Anonymous said: I'm not very happy with the 5th movie...I disliked the 4th because of the elision of Speedman's character. In the 5th this story won't be continued :( And without Lucian and Selene this gonna suck


I have gotten two separate messages in the 24 hours about this….


Do not panic. You are only making it worse on yourselves right now.

We don’t know anything concrete yet. Nothing is official. Nothing is confirmed.

Yes, I am nervous about a fifth movie, too. I have been an active member of this fandom for an actual decade of my life at this point.

But seriously. Deep breaths. Think Bruce Banner levels of deep meditation.

We have no casting news, no real plot news, nothing. It is still very early in production. At this point, the script is still in early drafts, contracts are being negotiated, Len Wiseman is still sketching in his notebooks.

It’ll be okay. We’ll get through the stress of this together.

(Also, if the Star Wars fandom can survive crappy sequels, so can we.)



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Brooke Shields - The Blue Lagoon (1980)

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The beautiful Disney Art of Rodel Gonzalez.

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